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The Timothy James Partnership is an independent firm of specialist Licensed Insolvency Practitioners. Based in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire we work very closely with local businesses and professionals.


The team at Timothy James Partnership provide guidance on formal insolvency procedures and advice on restructuring businesses.


See our services below and for all enquiries please contact a member of the team today. 

Owner Managers and Directors

We recognise that there are always challenging times for companies and that as Owner Managers or Directors, you may have difficult decisions to make. We will work with you to closely understand your business and the issues you may be facing. This in-depth understanding, coupled with our expertise, will enable us to advise on the right solution for you. In some cases these solutions may centre around the possibilities of restructuring, to turn the business around and continue trading, in other cases, this may be advice and help in what needs to become a formal insolvency situation.


There are statutory legal obligations with being the Director of a company, involving your conduct and responsibilities, which could lead to becoming disqualified as a Director and becoming personally liable for the debts of the company. We are happy to give advice on this.


All meetings are totally confidential and an initial meeting with Tim Heaselgrave, Licensed Insolvency Practitioner is free of charge. Whilst you may be introduced to other members of our experienced team along the way, Tim will always be your primary point of contact. We have worked with local businesses for over 25 years and recognise that at times you may need to ask questions out of hours. Tim is always contactable should you need to speak with him.

Professional Advisers

We give advice to Professional Advisers such as Accountants, Solicitors and Financial Advisers about the solvency of your own businesses but more often, we are brought into situations and asked to work closely with your clients, to provide specialist turnaround or insolvency advice.


Working on behalf of secured lenders, we perform independent business reviews. With our specialist knowledge of the reasons for companies facing financial difficulty, we are pro-active in advising on the best approach for lenders. We are trusted partners with local professionals and our relationships have been built over many years of working together.

Investigation Work

We get involved in investigation work into the reasons for insolvency. The work we do enables third parties to be pursued through the legal system, to recover assets for the Creditors’ benefit.


We provide help and assistance to Creditors of insolvent companies or individuals. We recognise that it can be a legal minefield and the process may not be fully understood. This is where we are able to help Creditors and provide guidance on:


The type of insolvency and the process

How to recover goods belonging to them (Retention of Title)

Lodging claims and attending Creditors meetings

Dividend prospects

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About Us

We are an independent firm of specialist Licensed Insolvency Practitioners located in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

At The Timothy James Partnership, we work very closely with local businesses and professionals, providing guidance on formal insolvency procedures and advice on restructuring businesses.

We recognise that at times, companies find themselves in difficult financial circumstances and our aim is to provide practical solutions in these situations.