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How to choose a liquidator?

No director should be hurried into putting their limited company into liquidation. Not all company liquidators are the same. Different liquidators focus on different areas of business and have different approaches to it.

Speak to you considered Liquidator or Insolvency Practitioner. Remember this is someone who is dealing with the closure of your company. A company that you worked hard to grow. You need to feel comfortable talking to them.


Do they appreciate your situation? Do they listen to what you want and what you are nervous of?


They need to make you aware of all the issues surrounding your liquidation. Ask about potential problems. They need to be prepared to take time out to listen to you. 


Do they specialise with liquidation in Limited Companies or do they deal with personal debt as well? Some Insolvency practitioners focus on corporate issues. The majority deal with both business and personal debt.


Are they willing to discuss other options? Liquidation might not be the only option. Make sure they can discuss this with you.


Recommendation – Can the Liquidator be recommended by another professional or someone you know?


The Timothy James Partnership are licensed insolvency practitioners and are here to best advise you. All meetings are totally confidential and an initial meeting with Tim Heaselgrave, Licensed Insolvency Practitioner is free of charge.


To arrange a meeting to discuss liquidation or your company’s situation.

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